Frequently Asked Questions

What are the payment options?

We accept CASH and ZELLE only

What is your return policy?

No refunds or returns

Where do you deliver

We provide local delivery. Please call us for a quote


About Us

How We Got Here

Family owned ♥ Founded in 2019

With pride and joy Haydee and her two brothers Jose and Jonathan, have built a Beautiful FLOWER SHOP in the city of WHITTIER, CALIFORNIA.

Haydee, Jose and Jonathan each have a special talent. Haydee has passion for flowers and attention to detail, she loves to give the arrangements her special touch of beauty and elegance. Jose has exceptional customer service, making sure each one of you have an exceptional experience. Jonathan has a one-of-a-kind creativity, always thinking outside the box and striving for excellence. 

With such talents combined “The tres hermanos” take Boquets and floral arrangements to another level!


Proper Care

Place your arrangement indoors.
Keep away from direct sunlight.
Do not place directly under ceiling fans.
Keep the arrangement in a cool spot.
Some flowers last longer than others.

Roses are imported from ECUADOR, a country where the best roses grow. BEST QUALITY ♥

Although perfectly wrapped bouquets look beautiful, the wrap must be removed, and the roses must be placed in a vase with fresh, cold and clean water. This will allow each stem to bloom to its maximum potential. Keep water clean.

Add a splash of water every other day from the middle into the base of the box. Some flowers last longer than others.

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Image by Annie Spratt